• How Much Money I Can Truly Save on Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

    By Rami Navarro | 10 Aug 2017

    Temperatures have reached all-time highs in recent years, making the past few summers some of the hottest and most record-breaking; this also means that air conditioning use has also been higher than average. Homeowners have become concerned…

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  • 5 Signs Your Home Windows Need Replacement

    By Rami Navarro | 26 Jul 2017

    When you buy a home, you accept the challenge that comes with owning an ever-deteriorating investment. While walking around the house inside and out each day you may notice significant repairs that continue to add up; but how can you possibly…

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  • 5 Tips to Prevent Windows from Condensation and Mold Growth

    By Rami Navarro | 12 Jul 2017

    Being a homeowner comes with a long list of concerns that most of us don’t consider in our daily lives. Renovations, remodeling, updating, are some of the concepts that may be newer to you as a homeowner, but in order to maintain the value of…

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  • What is Low-E Glass and How Does it Make Windows Energy Efficient?

    By Rami Navarro | 28 Jun 2017

    Every day homeowners are considering making changes to their homes in order to save money on energy bills and cut costs of wasteful spending wherever they can. If ancient windows that barely keep out the elements plague your home, it might be…

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  • Importance of Skylights in a House

    By Rami Navarro | 14 Jun 2017

    When building a home, it is important to absorb as much natural sunlight as possible throughout the house so that homeowners can save on electricity and enjoy the glow of natural sun. Traditionally, windows are the most typical way for contractors…

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  • How Double-Pane Windows Differ From Single-Pane Windows

    By Rami Navarro | 29 May 2017

    Looking around the house, one can think of a million different projects and upgrades to embark upon; it is a daily battle for homeowners who want to invest more into the value of their homes, or simply want to make it a more comfortable place to…

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  • Importance of Installing a Storm Window

    By Rami Navarro | 12 May 2017

    When faced with the decision to spend money on an upgrade in your home, there are always important things to consider such as cost, priority, and long-term effect of the upgrade. Choosing when and how to spend money on your home can be stressful…

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  • Which is Better? An Aluminum Sliding Door or a Solid Patio Door?

    By Rami Navarro | 28 Apr 2017

    Any upgrade or home renovation will likely cost a significant amount of money, and often a significant amount of choice is involved. Upgrading is simply part of homeownership, and the sooner you except the disadvantages, the sooner you can…

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  • What to Do? Repair or Replace Old Windows in Your Home

    By Rami Navarro | 14 Apr 2017

    New windows can be a wonderful investment for homeowners; they can provide a home with unrivaled energy efficiency, and can add an incredible amount of value and charm. Buying new windows can be costly, but unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary.…

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  • Benefits of Replacing Old Windows with Energy-efficient Windows

    By Rami Navarro | 28 Mar 2017

    Energy-efficient windows have become one of the latest trends and are now widely accepted due to the many advantages that they provide to the homeowners. If you have old windows in your home then now may be the time to look in to updating them.…

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