Core state-of-the-art technological advances lie at the heart of our newest window, Montrose. It’s sleek design and powerful performance attributes will not only improve the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home, but also allow you to design your own custom living space, and elevate your home to a higher level of style. Experience for yourself the narrow frame and sash, secure locking system, composite reinforcement, and other progressive features designed to meet future ENERGY STAR® requirements today!

Standard Features

  • Horizon™ narrowline frame and sash
  • SmartCore™ composite reinforcement
  • Triton™ secure locking system
  • Cascade™ true sloped sill
  • Barrier™ telescoping sill
  • InterSync™ sash-to-sill interlock
  • OcuSeal™ screen bulb seal

Special Options

  • Four frame options for enhanced appearance and ease of installation:
    • 1″ Nail Fin Set Back
    • 1-3/8″ Nail Fin Set Back
    • 1-3/8″ Nail Fin Set Back with J-Channel Adaptor
    • Stucco Fin
  • Grid selections to match any architectural style
  • Obscure glass for added privacy
  • Tinted glass to reduce glare and solar heat gain
  • Factory-mulling for easier job-site installation
  • A variety of SolarTherm insulated glass packages